Hi, I’m Justin Harvey.

I’m the spouse of an anesthesiologist (my wife, Sarah), and a financial planner for anesthesia and pain physicians at APM Wealth.  

Sadly, medical school doesn’t always prepare doctors to answer important questions around compensation, investments, taxes, and practice partnership that you’re bound to run into during your career.  That’s why I am here to help. It is my mission to dig up valuable information and entertaining stores to allow you to navigate your career and finances with confidence. 

Have you ever been taught how working for a private practice will impact student loan repayment options?

Or how compensation mechanisms may vary between an academic hospital and a mid-sized pain clinic?  

Or the pros and cons of practicing in a care team model vs. a physician-only practice setting?

We explore all these questions and more on APM Success, to equip you to make the most of your career in anesthesia & pain management.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or topics you’d like to discuss here

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