Justin Harvey

Episode 231: Tales From The Contract Review Trenches w. Dr. Jimmy Turner of Money Meets Medicine

 You may have heard that I have been co-hosting some of the Money Meets Medicine shows with Dr. Jimmy Turner. This week on APM Success, you’ll get to hear a recent discussion I had with Dr. Turner, where we revisit important themes regarding contracts,... read more

Episode 230: Indy Practice CEO Thoughts On How An Anesthesia Org Can Thrive w. Jack Dillon

 Running operations in the current healthcare landscape is challenging – so how can independent practices run effectively and efficiently amidst all the changes? Jack Dillon, CEO of Anesthesia Practice Consultants in Michigan and the Executive Director of the... read more

Episode 229: Tax Considerations For 2024 w. Evgeni Ivanov

 The 2024 tax season is upon us, and so is the annual episode that will equip you with the knowledge you need to deal with your taxes in simpler and more efficient ways. Today, Evgeni Ivanov joins me to share the important things for you to pay attention to and... read more

Episode 228: Defining Practice Values To Build A Thriving Staff Culture w. Zed Williamson

 Do you ever wonder how to make your business more efficient so you can avoid being the bottleneck? I’m excited to have Zed Williamson back on the show to talk about what he’s currently working on with independent physician practices. Listen in as he outlines... read more

Episode 227: Evaluating Healthcare Trends Shaping Anesthesiology In 2024 w. Dr. Brian Schmutzler

 Dr. Brian Schmutzler is a seasoned anesthesiologist well-versed in academia, private practice, and locum work. His unique combination of medical expertise and business savvy provides a fresh perspective on the multifaceted world of anesthesia. We welcome Dr.... read more