Episode 01: Anesthesia Success Podcast

Nov 12, 2018

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Justin Harvey

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  • More about Justin (physician spouse, financial planner, nerdy guy)
  • Why is Justin doing this (for his family, his clients, his friends, and the anesthesia community)
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Episode 01: Anesthesia Success Podcast

Justin’s flying solo in the pilot episode to lay the groundwork for the coming weeks.


Show Notes

This is the first episode in the new Anesthesia Success Podcast!

Justin Harvey gives a brief overview of the show, his background and what’s in store for the future.  Justin is married to an anesthesiologist, (Sarah) and is also a CFP and an adjunct professor of Finance at Villanova University.  Justin has noticed that as he and his wife are going through the process of evaluating career and life options that come with Sarah’s pursuit of anesthesiology, there are not many accessible resources to learn about the non-clinical side of the specialty.

The goal of this podcast is to shine a light on the many interesting facets of the field of anesthesiology, and to help those who work in it have rewarding lives and careers.

Are you an anesthesiologist, or know someone who is?   

Write to Justin about something you would like to learn about and hear on the show.  Is it travel and career options? Med school debt payoff? MD burnout? Medical missions? 

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Dan Gummel & Justin Harvey

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Great Scott:  Don’t Hold Back

Show Transcript


Justin:                          00:05               Hello everyone, my name is Justin Harvey. I am your host for the anesthesia success podcast. Thank you so much for joining us.

Justin:                          00:12               I’m really excited to share this podcast with you in the coming weeks and months. I want to dedicate this episode to taking an opportunity to lay the groundwork for the places that we’re going to be going together. It’s my hope that the anesthesia success podcast will help to entertain as well as to inform you about many of the non clinical things that you never learned in residency, but which are still integral to a fulfilling and rewarding career. We’re also going to take a look together at some of the interesting work that many of you out there are currently undertaking and be inspired by that work. So how did this podcast come into being? There’s a couple reasons which I want to share with you.

Justin:                          00:49               The first and primary reason is my wife Sarah. She’s currently an anesthesia resident here in Philadelphia. We met in Portland a couple of years ago where she’s from, where a mutual friend introduced us. I was living in Philadelphia at the time and after a long distance relationship which encompassed match day 2017, we were very relieved and excited when we found out that Sarah matched to Philadelphia. So, she moved here last year and we got married in June.

Justin:                          01:15               She’s currently working really hard through her residency and as any anesthesiologist knows, there are some significant decisions in our immediate future that are going to seriously impact not only our family, but the course of Sarah’s career as well. A lot of these specific questions relate to potential fellowship opportunities as well as career options. These are questions that I know my wife and I aren’t the only ones who are asking, but many young physicians out there or even established physicians are perhaps revisiting many of these same questions. So as Sarah and I go through the process of learning about how to evaluate different fellowships, different employment opportunities, different things like that, career trajectories, I wanted to have this opportunity for us to all learn about these things together.

Justin:                          01:58               The second reason for this podcast is that I am a financial planner and my firm focuses on serving anesthesiologists all over the country. The name of my firm is Quantifi Planning, and over half of my clients currently are anesthesiologists or pain doctors, and I wanted to start this podcast in order to become even more intimately familiar with all of the things that they have to deal with as anesthesiologists on a day to day basis, as well as the unique dynamics for employment and different career options and different things that are going to affect their family’s wellbeing in the days to come. I’ve seen thus far from working with this group, and growing in familiarity to some extent, that there are some unique planning opportunities as well as potential financial landmines, which you need to make sure to avoid and some other things to think about and we’re going to explore many of those things together on this show.

Justin:                          02:45               The show is going to give a platform for experts in different parts of the field of anesthesia, different types of institutions, different positions who have, who have had varying and diverse career paths to be able to come here and share their insights, to establish the anesthesiologists as well as residents and fellows to be equipped to make wise career and financial decisions.

Justin:                          03:06               And the final reason for this podcast, and the one that I’m especially especially excited about is that I know there’s a lot of anesthesiologists out there right now who are doing amazing things and currently it may be a well kept secret. Some of these things are related to medicine and clinical work. Some of it maybe totally outside the field of medicine. Some are starting businesses, patenting medical devices spearheading medical missions opportunities or new ways of administering care or perhaps other things. I’m going to be interviewing many of these physicians in the coming days so that together we can learn from the work that they’re doing and be inspired onto greater heights for our own vocation.

Justin:                          03:42               In conclusion, a little bit more about myself. I married Sarah, as I mentioned this past June, and have been trying to get used to life as a physician spouse, which for anybody else out there who is in this situation knows that it’s a uniquely rewarding and also uniquely challenging experience. I love the ongoing challenge of intellectual pursuit. So in addition to starting this podcast and doing financial planning for my clients, I’m also an adjunct professor of finance at my alma mater at Villanova University. I’m excited to bring all these things together and bring them to bear and this podcast as we learn and grow right here each week and hopefully together become equipped to know more about the field of anesthesia and have rewarding successful careers.

Justin:                          04:22               So if you want to get involved, check out our facebook group anesthesia success. You can also head over to our website@anesthesiasuccess.com, where I would encourage you to subscribe to the podcast, ask a question, recommend to guests for a future episode, or send us a topic that you’d like to learn more about pertaining to the field of anesthesia. Thank you so much for joining us for this first episode. I’m really excited about what lies ahead and look forward to taking this journey with you.