Episode 20: Halfway Through 2019! Anesthesia Success Community Updates

Jun 28, 2019


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Update with Justin Harvey

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 – My favorite episodes YTD.

 – Do you want to give me a birthday present?  A couple ideas. 🙂

 – Upcoming content for the fall and events at ASA/ASRA.

 – Unveiling the new Resources page

Resources & Links

 – The new Resources Page

 – Episode 2 with Jay Grider

 – Episode 9 with Daniel Crosby

 – The article in The Clinical Teacher which I co-authored with Dr. Jed Wolpaw re: podcasting in MedEd

 – A recent article I wrote about how financial advisors (should!) get paid

 – Email me! justin@anesthesiasuccess.com

In this episode I’m flying solo to recap the podcast progress through the first six months of the year, and unveil the new Anesthesia Success Resources page!  


Show Transcript

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00:03 What’s up everybody. Welcome to this episode of anesthesia success. I’m your host Justin Harvey. This week we’re going to be doing something a little different. I’m flying solo here in this our 20th episode. I’m really excited to have reached this milestone. Wasn’t sure when we started what this was going to turn into, but we’re about to cross over 7,000 downloads probably by the time you hear this podcast, which is really exciting. Thanks to all of you loyal listeners out there, especially your mom and dad. Um, this show wouldn’t be what it is without you. So thanks for tuning in and every week giving some of your valuable time to listen to some of this content. I really am working hard to try to continue to provide some high impact, high value stuff that’s going to improve your professional financial and personal lives as anesthesia residents, attendings, and pain physicians.

00:53 So as we continue to proceed together on this journey, I really value your input and feedback. If you have any thoughts about what you’d like to hear in the second half of the year, uh, it’d be great to hear from you. Drop me an email via uh, justin@anesthesiasuccess.com and let me know you’re out there. Let me know what you think. Some critical feedback would be. Great. And if you have any ideas for topics or people, if you know anyone doing any exciting or interesting work in anesthesia or pain or starting an organization or pioneering some new procedure or has an interesting practice management experience or, or whatever, uh, I would love to hear about that and talk to those people and potentially, you know, have them on the show. Next, I have a birthday coming up in the first week of July and for my birthday, if you have appreciated any of this content and you want to give back to me, Justin, I would ask that you do one of two things.

01:47 Number one is share this podcast with one of your friends or colleagues that you think might benefit from the content. And number two, if you’re feeling really generous, get into iTunes and leave a review. We’re currently at 18 reviews and I’d love to get that number up to 30 if possible in time for my birthday, which which is in a week or so here, so if you do one of those two things, I would really appreciate it and the first half of the year we’ve had an opportunity to cover a lot of different topics overseas, medical missions, making extra money, consulting with Pharma to thinking about buying into a practice and building a financial foundation as you move towards early retirement and lots of other things. A couple of my favorite episodes that I thought were really high impact include number two so he can, you can access this@anesthesiasuccess.com slash two where we started off really strong talking to Dr Jay Greider.

02:37 He was sharing about in early pain practice for a young paying attending. How do you evaluate different practice partnership opportunities? How do you do evaluate contract in the context of those partnership opportunities? How do you think about different clinical models that are going to enhance your just your life as a physician? Anesthesia, success.com/two that was some really great content for for pain doctors and then another one of my personal favorites was number nine with Dr. Daniel Crosby. So anesthesia, success.com/nine or we talked about how do you succeed as an investor, as somebody who is going to make a lot of money as somebody who was very intelligent, how do you acknowledge and understand your own cognitive biases and actively work against them to position yourself to succeed longer term, to move towards financial independence as quickly as you possibly can. That’s something that we’re all interested in, regardless of what kind of job you do, whether you’re an anesthesia pain doctor or something else.

03:34 So knowing yourself, knowing your own propensity to make bad decisions as a smart person, using data and incorporating human behavioral elements, that’s really important and something I encourage you to check out if you haven’t had an opportunity to do so, you’ll become a better investor and it’ll ultimately put money back in your pocket, so you can check that out. Again, anesthesia success.com/nine also, I wanted to offer a quick congratulations to the graduating residents and fellows out there. Good luck turning the page with your career. My wife has just wrapping up ca one year and we’re both excited to be entering the second half of residency A. I’m really proud of her. She’s done such an amazing job and is handling everything like a champ work and a lot of long hours and in spite of that is has been so loving and supportive of my business and this podcast and is just doing such a great job.

04:25 So Sarah, if you ever listened to this, uh, I love you and I’m grateful for you and you’re doing awesome. Keep up the great work. Lots of exciting things have happened in the first half of this year. We had that listener meetup for anesthesia success for the listeners at the Azur conference in Vegas. We’ve got a handful of us together and talked about some things like, you know, financial best practice has an early attending financial education for residents, student loans, stuff like that. And it was a great opportunity to meet some of you guys out there. We’re going to be doing that again probably at asa in October and maybe again it Hazara in November in New Orleans. So stay tuned for more details on that. I would love to meet more of you guys in person. We recorded some live onsite interviews at Asmara and ACEP.

05:09 That’s the American Society of interventional pain physicians. I had a great opportunity to talk to some physicians, some of the other business partners there at the, that were vendors at the conference talk about practice management. We talked about some of the special interest groups in Ashra and other great topics. And let me also take this opportunity to thank all of the guests that have had on the show thus far. We’ve, I’ve been able to corral some really, really high caliber people to donate their wisdom and insights to this show. Uh, so that all of you can benefit. So from me, Justin, to all of the guests on this podcast, thank you very much for contributing and helping to make this what it is and hopefully we’ll continue to be a valuable resource for a long time to come. Another interesting development, I was able to connect with an anesthesiologist attending anesthesiologist in Texas who is actually right now sitting for the CFP exam, so that certified financial planner, he has a vision to really help fill the gap with good, solid financial education and financial literacy for residents and even attending physicians, especially in anesthesiology.

06:14 So he and I may be partnering in the coming days to develop some of that content and push it out through various channels. So stay tuned for that. I think that’s going to be really interesting and exciting. I’ve been doing a little bit of writing and I’m going to link to some of these articles in the show notes here. So I’d encourage you to check out the show notes if you’re listening. Anesthesia, success.com/twenty and there’ll be a bunch of links for some of the things I’m referencing here. I’ve been doing some of that writing, talking about how to pick a financial advisor, talking about important things to think about as an early attending, um, how to really build wealth and important career consideration. So check some of that out. I also had an opportunity back in March to do a podcast with Jed wool Paul, who is the founder of the popular [inaudible] podcast.

06:55 Jed has been such a really a great contact and is a really nice guy and have really appreciated collaborating with him. Uh, he and I had a chance to write a paper together, which was recently published in the clinical teacher, which is an online medical education journal where we talked about how to start a medical education podcast. So I’ll also link to that in the show notes. If anybody out there is thinking about starting a podcast or interested in doing so, wondering what it’ll take, check out that article and also feel free to drop me a line by email, would be glad to speak with you and help point you in the right direction and share with you the little bit that I’ve learned in the last handful of months. Hopefully save you some of the very painful mistakes which I have made next. I, this is an exciting thing.

07:34 I’m rolling out right now, a resources page on anesthesia success. So if you go to anesthesia, success.com/resources I’ve compiled some of my favorite online resources for career insights, financial calculators, practice management articles, and lots of other goodies. So go there, check it out if you have any questions or thoughts about things that I might be able to add, things that you have found valuable. I would really love that feedback too. So check it out, see what’s there, see what’s not there and let me know what you think. Um, I’m looking forward to the second half of 2019 as well. We’ve got some exciting episodes coming up. We’re going to be talking about artificial intelligence and anesthesia. We’re going to be talking about how to protect yourself as a clinician from malpractice lawsuits. We’re going to be having a resident conversation series where we’re going to interview a series of, uh, residents and fellows who are currently, you know, in the midst of sort of down in the trenches of working a lot, learning a lot, and trying to balance life and money and clinical duties all at the same time and family duties at times.

08:30 I think that’s going to be really insightful. And so in closing, this is where I would love to hear from you. So thank you for listening. Thank you for being a part of this community. Drop me a line by email and just let me know what you think of the podcast. Let me know what you’ve liked, what you think we could improve, what types of topics you really value and benefit from. And I want to continue to just produce the best type of content that I possibly can to make your life, your finances, your clinical practice as fulfilling and a deep enriched as it can possibly be. So in conclusion, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for participating with anesthesia success. It’s been a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see where things are going to go from here. So as always, thank you very much for listening to this episode of anesthesia success.