Episode 29b: ASA19 Recap & Insider Tips For Getting A Proposal Accepted At The National Conference w. Dr. Angela Edwards

Nov 11, 2019


This Episode

Interview w/ Dr. Angela Edwards

You Will Learn

 You will learn:
 – What is the easiest type of content to propose to get accepted at the national conference? Which have the highest acceptance rate?
 – What are the fastest growing types of presentation at ASA?
 – What’s the best way to get a panel approved at the conference?

Resources & Links

This week I talk to Dr. Angela Edwards about her experiences at the national ASA conference, and how to get work submitted to get you on the big stage! The first deadline for getting a proposal in is November 15th so check out the details in the show notes at www.anesthesiasuccess.com/29b

Also, Angie was kind enough to give us a full writeup of all the details relating to deadlines, content tracks, and everything else you would need to know before sending in your proposal — you can download that document here.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and perspectives expressed on this show are just the personal opinions of me (Justin) and Dr. Angela Edwards.  No views shared on this show are shared on behalf of the ASA or any other entity.