Episode 29c: Networking for Private Practice Jobs Surgery Center Ownership and More – Recap of the 2019 ASRA Pain Meeting

Nov 25, 2019


This Episode

Solo Episode with Justin Harvey

You Will Learn

 You will learn:
 – My favorite parts of the ASRA conference.
 – Important elements of networking with physicians in other realms of practice to create a support network.
 – Why there is a boom in surgery center utilization in US healthcare.
 – Why the practice management content track is critically important for physicians.

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Here’s my hot takes from the 2019 ASRA Pain Management meeting in New Orleans.  I had a great time learning from tons of smart people, I’ve distilled the highlights here for your listening pleasure!  Networking, moving from academics to private practice, ASCs, and more!  Check out additional notes at www.anesthesiasuccess.com/29c