Dr. Brian Schmutzler is a seasoned anesthesiologist well-versed in academia, private practice, and locum work. His unique combination of medical expertise and business savvy provides a fresh perspective on the multifaceted world of anesthesia. We welcome Dr. Schmutzler back to the show to offer his valuable insights into the evolving landscape of anesthesia in 2024.

In this episode, Dr. Schmutzler discusses a range of topics, from FTC actions affecting anesthesia groups to the nuances of the No Surprises Act. He also dives into the current trends affecting anesthesia compensation and practice, including the growing locums market and the challenges in recruiting full-time providers.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The impact of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) actions on large anesthesia groups and potential future implications for private equity in anesthesia.
  • A deep dive into the No Surprises Act, its effects on out-of-network billing, and the independent dispute resolution process.
  • The ongoing issue of decreasing reimbursement rates versus increasing compensation costs in anesthesia.
  • The growing trend of locum tenens in anesthesia and its impact on the healthcare system.
  • Predictions for anesthesia practice in 2024, including the challenges of meeting demand with the current supply of providers.
  • Discussion on CMS and Congress’s role in addressing the bottleneck in residency slots for anesthesiologists.

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