Dr. Douglas Wisor is the Chief Executive Officer of National Spine & Pain Centers. A pain practitioner for nearly 20 years, he is board certified in both Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Management. Today Dr. Wisor joins the show to discuss leadership and the expectations a practitioner should have if they are looking to sell their practice to a group like National Spine & Pain.

In this episode, we discuss the concept of consolidation within the healthcare industry, as well as what to be aware of when selling or purchasing a practice. Listen in to learn Dr. Wisor’s future value projections, why he believes we should be open to learning from each other, and how his team is navigating the pressure of the pandemic.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What National Spine & Pain is and how Dr. Wisor became the CEO.
  • How Dr. Wisor helped NSP to develop a business plan and grow in size.
  • What you must be aware of if you’re considering selling your practice.
  • Why Dr. Wisor believes consolidation within the healthcare industry is inevitable.
  • How the buying process works and what the transaction may look like.
  • How the pandemic has impacted Dr. Wisor’s business and team.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“In my experience, interventional pain physicians are very entrepreneurial. Understanding this business if you’re not a pain physician is very complex.” – Dr. Wisor

“At the end of the day, whether you’re Best Buy or you’re National Spine, you need volume. Volume is dictated by ease of access and price.” – Dr. Wisor

”Consolidation in the healthcare space is happening.” – Dr. Wisor

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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