There are a lot of great financial advisors out there, but unfortunately, the industry has a bad reputation. However, there is something really valuable in good, wise financial counsel, and I think many doctors could benefit from it. So, for this week’s episode, I am sharing a presentation that I recently gave explaining the financial landscape and describing different advisory compensation mechanisms. My goal is to equip you to pick the right financial advisor for your personal needs, helping you to understand what type of financial advice model is the right fit.

It’s likely that you will make a fair amount of money throughout your career, and it is important to put your finances in the right hands. Listen in as I describe the different types of financial advisors to be aware of and what a good financial advisor should help you to achieve. If you are a physician who has been considering hiring a financial advisor, this episode is for you.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to find good help as a physician.
  • The different types of advisors to be aware of.
  • How financial advisors get paid.
  • What a good financial advisor will do.
  • The benefit of choosing a fee-only advisor.
  • What you must understand before choosing a financial advisor.
  • What designation you should look out for.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“As it relates to following the money, I always recommend using a fee-only advisor. ” – Justin Harvey

“A good advisor will connect you to other trusted professionals in that advisor’s network.”  – Justin Harvey

“Less transparency tends to be more costs.” – Justin Harvey

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