Dr. Anthony Giuffrida is the Director of Interventional Spine & Pain Management at Cantor Spine Center, where he brings a high level of expertise in non-surgical treatments designed to help alleviate pain. A board-certified physiatrist and fellowship-trained in interventional spine and sports medicine, Anthony joins the show to discuss his career thus far, including his studying tips for anyone currently going through school and his advice for finding a position that suits your needs.

Listen in as we talk about your options if you’re searching for a career outside of launching your own practice and why doing your due diligence before joining a practice is essential. You will learn Anthony’s advice for job seekers (as well as those looking to hire), his thought process behind DOC NATION, and how to build a brand for yourself.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Anthony’s unique way of studying.
  • What your options are if you’re looking for something outside of the regular 9-5.
  • The importance of doing your due diligence before joining a practice.
  • Advice for anyone currently looking for a job.
  • What a bad contract looks like.
  • The idea behind DOC NATION.
  • The benefit of purchasing a domain for yourself.
  • The importance of creating a personal brand.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“That’s what I tell every resident [as they’re studying] out there: do as many questions as you can because the questions are fun and it focuses on real life.” – Anthony Giuffrida

“You have to do the right thing for the patient all the time.” – Anthony Giuffrida

“Don’t be discouraged if you take a job and you have to move on in the first six months because that’s the state of the world right now.” – Anthony Giuffrida

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