Jeff Gorke is an experienced healthcare executive, consultant, and leader with decades of experience spanning many healthcare services. He has immense knowledge on multiple topics within the healthcare industry, and he joins the show to discuss the art of the organizational turnaround, including the ins and outs of buying or selling shares of a practice.

Listen in as we talk about follow-ups for collections and how to identify the areas of your practice that you should be spending more money in versus the areas where you should be cutting back spending. You will learn how to optimize patient flow, the importance of having a practice that makes your patients feel safe, and what goes into an operational review.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What buying or selling shares of a practice may entail.
  • How to ensure you’re protected in your arrangements.
  • The appropriate numbers you should be seeing for net collection.
  • How to ensure you’re spending money in the right areas of your practice.
  • The importance of recognizing what your staff requires to be happy.
  • How to optimize block time.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“You can’t sell pieces [of your practice] based on volume.” – Jeff Gorke

“It’s understanding where you’re going to make those spending decisions [because you want your staff to be happy].” – Jeff Gorke

“Healthcare is local.” – Jeff Gorke

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