Dr. Brian Cohen is a practicing anesthesiologist, founding partner of Miami Anesthesia Services (MAS), and the Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Adaptrack, an AI-driven, practice-savvy nudge platform for physician teams to tackle risk blind spots and unlock efficiency opportunities. Through his time spent within both sides of the industry, Brian has been able to create CMEfy, a company that gives doctors the opportunity to very easily create broadly accessible CME opportunities in places that they haven’t been found historically. In this episode, we will be getting into the nuts and bolts of how this works, specifically how this will be making your job as a doctor easier moving forward.

Listen in as Brian explains the importance of good documentation and how this can really help you if anything of abnormal nature occurs. You will learn the number one way to protect yourself against medical malpractice cases, how to embrace learning from each other, and how you can make a big impact on your work-life balance moving forward.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How CMEfy is working towards making doctors’ lives better.
  • Surprising risks that happen within the medical malpractice space.
  • Why documentation is important to avoid risks in the future.
  • The benefit of co-learning.
  • What CMEfy does.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“No matter which space we’re playing in, the details we put in our records are invaluable if anything of abnormal nature occurs.” – Dr. Brian Cohen

“Learning doesn’t have to be a very formal format.” – Dr. Brian Cohen

”This is your time and your life, and it is valuable.” – Dr. Brian Cohen

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