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What are the implications of the No Surprises Act as it relates to anesthesiologists? In this episode, I’ll be discussing how your anesthesia practice may be affected with Dr. Moeed Azam. A member of the USAP Clinical Quality Committee, Dr. Azam helps physicians of his specialty be forward-thinking and anticipate changes that may be coming down the pipeline.

In this episode, he explains how this act will impact the negotiation period, as well as your mediation team. You will learn what arbitration means (and when you may have to resort to this), how to prepare your practice for the upcoming changes, and how a small practice can successfully navigate its way through this.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How the No Surprises Act will impact anesthesiologists.
  • What this billing legislation means for negotiation.
  • How this may be putting a lot of your doctors out of reach for your employees.
  • What arbitration means.
  • How this will impact insurers.
  • How a small practice can survive these changes.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“There is no such thing as out of network anymore—there is only in-network. So doesn’t that mean that we have no negotiating leverage anymore?” – Dr. Mo Azam

“This is not a lean and low-cost process.”  – Dr. Mo Azam

“If your practice hasn’t invested and prepared for this new act this past year, you’re already behind the [A players].” – Dr. Mo Azam

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