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Alex Edmans is Professor of Finance at London Business School and Academic Director of the Centre for Corporate Governance. He has done an immense amount of research and is an expert in helping businesses grow their profits whilst also acting ethically and making society a better place. In this episode, Alex joins the show to discuss how to invest in both an ethical and responsible way while still aligning with your values.

Listen in as he explains the different areas that make a company ethical, as well as why organizations that treat their employees better generally see more success. You will learn how to truly make a change in a company, what your rights are as an investor, and common misconceptions to be aware of when attempting to invest ethically.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to invest in a responsible and ethical way.
  • Why you should not buy into a company if you’re trying to boycott it.
  • How to ensure your investment strategy aligns with your values.
  • Why companies do better when they treat their employees better.
  • What the value of a company is based on.
  • Where you should start if you want to invest ethically.
  • What your rights are as an investor in a company.

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