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If you’re going to buy into a business, there are a handful of key considerations you want to ensure you’re dialed in on. How do you make sure something is a good deal? How do you identify any potential risks to avoid? To help us discuss this topic is Jim Giese. Jim is a CPA, a JD, and a Partner at Wipfli, where he shares nearly 40 years of public accounting and tax experience, and in this episode, he will be giving you a checklist to run through if you’re currently going through a partnership buy in.

Listen in as he shares how to check whether the current owners have been diligent with their paperwork to identify any issues that might pop up further down the road with your partnership. You will learn the importance of understanding how profits and losses are split, the benefit of knowing how the cash is distributed, and why you must look into what the exit process is if you ever choose to leave the business.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to make sure something is a good deal.
  • Why you should understand how the value that’s proposed was created.
  • What a typical valuation entails.
  • How to identify the way profits and losses are split.
  • The importance of understanding how cash is split.
  • Why you should look into the exit process if you ever choose to leave.

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