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Disability insurance is of critical importance to physicians. However, despite disability insurance being quite possibly the most important insurance a physician can have, people don’t seem to be educated on how it can help or what exactly this insurance covers. So, in this episode, Larry Keller, an experienced insurance agent, will be joining the show to discuss special considerations you should keep in mind as you’re contemplating putting coverage in place, as well as what you should be aware of when thinking about disability insurance in terms of your financial plan.

Listen in as Larry explains common mistakes made when considering disability insurance and the importance of having an own-occupation definition of total disability. You will learn why understanding the fine print is crucial, the benefit of having a policy with a gender-neutral or unisex rate structure, and what to be aware of if you’re working as a physician in another country on a visa.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Common mistakes that are made in terms of disability insurance.
  • Why you shouldn’t take anything at face value.
  • The importance of truly trusting the people that you’re working with.
  • Why females are paying higher rates for insurance.
  • How to get a better rate on insurance.
  • The importance of understanding the fine print.
  • What you should know about disability insurance if you’re working overseas.

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Resources In Today’s Episode:

  • Email Larry: lkeller@physicianfinancialservices.com
  • Phone Larry: (516) 677-6211

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