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Dr. Stephanie Vanterpool, Director of Comprehensive Pain Services, is an anesthesia-trained interventional pain physician who has a unique, wide-ranging perspective on pain management and education as it relates to pain. Dr. Vanterpool uses her platform and position to educate other healthcare providers, promoting the importance of targeted treatment of pain as a means to improve patient outcomes and function. In this episode, she joins the show to discuss the current projects she is working on, how she got to where she currently is, and her advice for anyone starting out on their medical degree.

Listen in as she explains why networking as much as you can with everyone in your industry is key, as well as the biggest challenges she faced as she has been educating clinicians over the years. You will learn why clinicians should focus on function first, why you should always listen to your inner voice, and the importance of being authentic to who you are.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How the opioid crisis is currently being handled.
  • How we can treat pain without the use of opioids.
  • When Dr. Stephanie began her career in pain management.
  • Why making connections when you’re in school is key.
  • How Targeted Pain Treatment has evolved.
  • Why you should listen to your inner voice.
  • The importance of being authentic to who you are.

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