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Building a career in academic medicine and translating the financial wherewithal generated by that career into lasting wealth can be difficult to do intelligently as an academic anesthesiologist. You need to take a different approach if you’re going to be an academic anesthesiologist versus one who perhaps has more flexibility in a private practice scenario. So, where do you begin? In this episode, I will be sharing a look into the approach you need to take in order to properly and efficiently build wealth, develop autonomy and live life on your own terms as quickly as possible.

You will learn what university hospitals are doing in recent years to recruit, how to take the emotional and mental effort out of building wealth and the importance of understanding the retirement plan you have available to you through your employer. Listen in as I explain how to optimize your wealth and what you need to avoid if you’re in academic medicine.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to build wealth as an academic anesthesiologist.
  • What university hospitals are doing to recruit.
  • The importance of thoroughly going through your agreement documents.
  • How to optimize your money.
  • The benefit of maximizing your retirement accounts within your base.
  • The importance of understanding the retirement plan offered by your employer.

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