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When it comes to investing, the things that have served us well previously are no longer serving us in the same way. It is during these uncertain times in the market that people begin to panic and make uneducated or misguided decisions regarding their investments. So, how do we know what we should be doing—and how can we ensure we’re being good investors? In this episode, Dr. Daniel Crosby, Chief Behavioral Officer at Orion Advisor Solutions, describes some of the common behavioral mistakes that investors make and how our biological hardwiring may actually hinder our finances at times.

Listen in as we discuss the best predictor of investment returns and how to automate financial habits to maximize your likelihood of a favorable financial outcome. You will learn the things we can do at a personal and portfolio level to protect ourselves from market volatility, the importance of understanding how volatile markets are, and how to be better at self-managing.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to be a good investor.
  • The best predictor of investments.
  • How to automate financial habits to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.
  • Why the things that previously served us as investors no longer serve us.
  • How to protect yourself from the worst of equity volatility.
  • The importance of recognizing how volatile markets are.
  • How to be better at self-managing.

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