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Running a private practice takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Without your unwavering attention, it’s easy to let things slide and this is when mistakes happen that can leave a lasting impact on the success of your business. No one knows this better than Dr. Tarek Shahbandar, Founder of the Pain Physicians of Indiana, P.C. and the Founder and CEO of Expert Medical Billing, LLC. Today, Dr. Shahbandar will be joining the show to share his experience with practice management, including the hurdles he has faced on the way to running a successful practice and his advice for those just starting to think about opening an office.

Listen in as Dr. Shahbandar explains the importance of being authentic to who you are when building relationships with clients and how to build a solid network when you’re just starting out. You will learn how Dr. Shahbandar became the owner of a billing company, the importance of talking to people who are in the space so that you can ask questions and so much more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The difficulties faced when opening a new office/clinic.
  • The importance of focusing solely on running a practice and not trying to take on more than that.
  • What Dr. Shahbandar would emphasize if he were teaching young physicians.
  • How to build a network of supportive physicians when you’re just starting out.
  • The importance of being authentic with your bedside manner.
  • How Dr. Shahbandar became the owner of a billing company.

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