As physicians, it seems like you’re asked to do more every day while being compensated less. A solid personal brand can help you to break this cycle and make an impact, as well as accelerate your career, become a mentor, and even generate income doing something you’re passionate about. So, where do you begin? In this episode, Scott Sigman, MD, joins the show to share his experience with building a personal brand and the steps you can take today to have more freedom when it comes to your location, time, and finances.

Listen in as Dr. Sigman describes the hardships you may face when becoming an entrepreneur and why he believes it is a fulfilling career move regardless. You will learn how he is helping physicians get out of the rat race, the importance of having a great team around you, and the benefit of building a strong network.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The best way to build a message unique to your personal brand.
  • How to create a personal brand.
  • The benefit of taking a chance on new ideas.
  • Dr. Sigman’s upbringing and how it impacted his career.
  • The importance of building your brand as quickly as possible.
  • Why having the right team around you is essential.
  • How OrthoLazer is revolutionizing pain relief.
  • The importance of a strong network.

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