Dr. Tim Deer, Chairman of the American Society of Pain and Neuroscience and CEO of The Spine and Nerve Centers of the Virginias, joins us on the show to discuss the inception of the American Society of Pain and Neuroscience (ASPN). Dr. Deer shares his unwavering passion for improving education, fostering scientific curiosity, establishing best practices, and elevating the field of pain and neuroscience through collaboration. He emphasizes the significance of working with individuals from diverse backgrounds to gain a deeper understanding and enhance education in the field.

Listen in as Dr. Deer highlights the importance of embracing relationships and recognizing the interconnectedness of various stakeholders in the healthcare industry. From physicians and nurse practitioners to researchers and finance professionals, every member plays a vital role in patient care. By placing the patient at the center of focus and promoting transparency and progressiveness, Dr. Deer envisions a future where specialties unite to provide superior care. Throughout his journey in building ASPN, Dr. Deer acknowledges the presence of negativity and detractors, but advises listeners to stay focused on their work, ignore the haters, and prioritize the well-being of patients and the advancement of the field over politics and personal obstacles.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why The American Society of Pain and Neuroscience was created.
  • The importance of working with people from different backgrounds to improve the field.
  • Why it was so important to Dr. Deer to create an inclusive space for everyone interested in the industry.
  • The importance of embracing all groups in a transparent way.
  • Why we must ensure our patients are the center of our focus.
  • Which parts of building ASPN have surprised Dr. Deer.
  • The benefit of ignoring negativity when doing what you love.

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