Today we delve into the topic of partnership in an anesthesia practice and how it has evolved over the years. As the employment landscape has undergone changes, the concept of partnership has also transformed. Partnership, in this context, refers to being a part owner of the practice. To assess what partnership truly means in a specific opportunity, I will explain three key facets of consideration.

You will learn the importance of understanding how decisions are made in the business, how compensation differs between partners and non-partners, and the business risks inherent in any group. Listen in as I emphasize the need to grasp the value of one’s business and consider its saleability before entering a partnership deal.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How partnership has evolved in anesthesia companies.
  • The three key things to consider before getting into a partnership.
  • The importance of understanding how decisions are made in business.
  • How compensation changes between partners and non-partners.
  • The importance of understanding your pay as a partner versus a non-partner.
  • How to estimate the value of your business.
  • Why the saleability of your business should be considered before entering a partnership deal.

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