Dr. Bryan Marascalchi, a seasoned Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine Physician at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, joins the show today to dive into the tangible impacts of digital health on pain management. In this episode, Dr. Marascalchi shares the practical facets of his digital health company, shedding light on how it effectively removes uncertainties from pain management by employing data-driven strategies.

Listen in as we discuss the stark realities within the medical world, from documentation challenges to liability issues, and how these pain points can be addressed through technological innovations. You will learn how digital health can dismantle barriers to healthcare access and how it benefits individuals with disabilities or limited mobility, granting them unprecedented pathways to quality care. By tuning in, you’ll gain a better understanding of the economic intricacies of chronic pain treatment and how digital health has the potential to democratize healthcare by increasing affordability and inclusivity.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The power of knowing how patients are doing outside of the hospital.
  • How digital health takes the guesswork out of pain management.
  • The need for liability protection.
  • How Dr. Marascalchi’s company is breaking down barriers to access healthcare.
  • The different factors that dictate people’s quality of care.
  • The importance of bringing affordable care to everyone.

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