Today Dr. Tony Vullo, an experienced anesthesiologist, joins the show to discuss his career, sharing the motivations that led him into the world of medicine and—more specifically—anesthesiology. Steered by a desire to challenge himself intellectually and realize his dreams, Dr. Vullo shares his experiences in choosing a different career path, as well as the advantages that come with it and how it can significantly enhance your lifestyle.

Listen in as he emphasizes how alternative routes, such as locum work, can offer greater freedom, higher income, and more time for physicians, while still providing essential benefits and insurance coverage. He also highlights the importance of overcoming the fear of new challenges and learning the protocols of various healthcare settings. By the end of this episode, you’ll be inspired to consider alternative career paths in medicine and see that exceptional skills can thrive in any environment, making you more prepared for the journey of locum work.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What drew Dr. Vullo to medicine.
  • Why more training doesn’t always equate to better pay.
  • How locum work can allow you more time and better pay.
  • The common misconceptions of locum work.
  • How locum work can benefit your lifestyle.
  • Why it is tough for physicians to choose a different path.
  • The benefit of mentorship.

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