As we move into the holidays, it’s a good time to reflect, recap, and take stock of how things are going. When trying to figure out what things are working (or not), what you need to change, and where the opportunities are, it is really helpful to take a closer look at your savings rate. In this episode, I’ll be taking a look at savings rate (the mother of all financial variables) from a new angle that can add a lot of value to your finances.

You will learn how to calculate your savings rate and what important areas you need to be looking at in order to take full advantage of your position. I will also touch on the different types of lifestyle decisions and variables that go into the planning and goal-setting for your savings rate. Listen in to hear how others have planned out their lives based on this important number and my best advice for where you need to be aiming based on your own goals.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How this time of year is key to improving and building your success in the next year.
  • What the “mother of all financial variables” is and how it ties into your goals, planning, and success.
  • What to be careful of when it comes to learning and making real progress.
  • How to calculate and better understand your savings rate.
  • Specific examples of different types of decision-making when it comes to savings.
  • What to aim for when it comes to savings rate percentages.

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