Running operations in the current healthcare landscape is challenging – so how can independent practices run effectively and efficiently amidst all the changes? Jack Dillon, CEO of Anesthesia Practice Consultants in Michigan and the Executive Director of the Association for Independent Medicine, joins the show today to share his thoughts on this and more.

Listen in to hear how to engage with the challenges that come up regularly in the current climate, as well as key insight into how to run an independent anesthesia practice in an ever-evolving and increasingly difficult healthcare landscape. You’ll learn about recent concerns we’re seeing come up and different ways you can help your practice navigate things like staffing, partnerships, and finances.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Jack is helping operations run smoothly in this constantly changing landscape.
  • New concerns that are popping up when it comes to staffing and recruiting.
  • What Jack thinks needs to be done to improve the difficulties with staffing.
  • Stories around the U.S. that may shed light on how corporate practice can affect the industry.
  • The impacts of the No Surprises Act.

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