You may have heard that I have been co-hosting some of the Money Meets Medicine shows with Dr. Jimmy Turner. This week on APM Success, you’ll get to hear a recent discussion I had with Dr. Turner, where we revisit important themes regarding contracts, salaries, raises, bonuses, and more.

Listen in as we discuss why knowing where the numbers come from is key and how to determine reasonable pay that makes sense to the employee and employer. You’ll gain a better understanding of what goes into salary calculation, the types of medical malpractice insurance, and what path to take when negotiating a fair contract.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why being a wedding DJ is more stressful than working in anesthesia and pain management.
  • How I became well-versed in contracts and how to navigate them.
  • How I helped figure out and negotiate a $100,000 raise for a client.
  • The three factors that go into how much you get paid for a patient encounter.
  • Important things to look for in a signing agreement (outside of salary and signing bonus).
  • How to go about negotiating a fair contract amicably.

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