Today we welcome back Zed Williamson, a seasoned entrepreneur and expert in healthcare practice optimization. Zed shares the transformative approach his team employs to address the challenges practices face in capitalizing on increased patient volume. Instead of blaming external factors, Zed advocates for a deeper understanding of human behavior and the dynamics within healthcare settings.

Listen in as he explains the three essential stages his team implements to ensure practices bring in the most compatible and beneficial clientele. You will learn the underlying biases affecting client retention, how to foster fruitful relationships with clients, and strategies to enhance the success and sustainability of your healthcare practice. Zed also breaks down why attracting more patients isn’t always the solution, as well as how to identify and engage with the right patients for your practice.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How the Physician Growth Accelerator works.
  • Why the answer isn’t always more patients.
  • Where the overwhelm might be happening in your practice.
  • What conversion rate you should be seeing.
  • How to ask the right questions.
  • How to find what’s causing your potential clients to leave.

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