How will the FTC’s ban on noncompete agreements impact the U.S. workforce and—specifically—physicians? In this episode, Scott Weavil, founder and Principal Attorney of Weavil Law PC, joins us to discuss the recent FTC ruling that bans most noncompete agreements and its significant implications. He addresses the history of noncompete agreements and the timeline for when this new rule will take effect.

Listen in to hear who this rule will impact, as well as what it means for employees and employers alike. You’ll learn about state-specific considerations, how this ruling could create more complex legal situations, and steps employers must take to notify their workers that their noncompete agreements are no longer in effect. Scott will also provide advice on how to navigate these changes, especially given the ongoing judicial challenges and evolving state legislation regarding noncompete agreements.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The history of noncompete agreements.
  • What a noncompete is.
  • Who this rule is going to impact.
  • The state-specific considerations to be aware of.
  • What this could impact long-term.

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