Are you curious about the journey of owning a pain practice? In this first episode of our two-part series about pain practice ownership, we’re revisiting my conversation with Dr. Shachi Patel, founder of Delmarva Pain and Spine Center. Dr. Patel shares her experiences as a solo practice owner, as well as how she started her practice from scratch right out of fellowship, highlighting the importance of having a strong team and the value of a healthcare consultant.

Listen in as she discusses the pressures of being a solo practice owner, the fears she faced, and the benefits of creating a solid business plan. Dr. Patel also shares tips on finding the right team, securing funding, balancing delegation, and marketing your practice. You’ll learn how networking and collaboration with other practitioners can be your biggest source of information and support.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Dr. Patel decided to become a solo pain practice owner.
  • The pressures of being a solo practice owner.
  • How to tell if a solo pain practice is right for you.
  • The main fears Dr. Patel had when opening her practice.
  • The benefit of creating a business plan for your practice.
  • How to find the right team.
  • The value of having a health consultant.
  • How Dr. Patel came up with funding.
  • How she balances delegation with the want to do things herself.

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