Episode 194: Flashback – Here’s What Happens To Anesthesia Contracts When Private Practices Get Bought Out w. Dr. Ambar La Forgia

 *This episode is a re-release of episode 154.* Our guest today is Dr. Ambar La Forgia, who studies the relationship between organizational and managerial strategies and performance outcomes in the healthcare sector. Specifically, she uses quantitative methods to... read more

Episode 193: Flashback – Creating A System Of Support For Docs Going Through A Medmal Claim w. Dr. Stacia Dearmin

 *This episode is a re-release of episode 137.* Last week, Dr. Stacia Dearmin joined us to share her first-hand experience with navigating a malpractice lawsuit, including the way that experience has broadened the scope of her life’s work. She shared the human... read more

Episode 192: Flashback – What A Malpractice Proceeding Looks Like w. Dr. Stacia Dearmin

 *This episode is a re-release of episode 136.* Today’s episode requires a content trigger warning, as I will be speaking with our guest about her personal experience walking through a malpractice claim and lawsuit after an adverse patient outcome. Dr. Stacia Dearmin... read more

Episode 188: The Anesthesia Job Market Has Never Been Better – Shop Around & Get Empowered!

 As an anesthesiologist, you are in a unique position to capitalize on the current trends in the job market. With the shortage of anesthesia providers, your skills and expertise are more valuable than ever before. Aging anesthesiologists and a lack of capacity in... read more

Episode 185: Using YouTube As An Anesthesiology Resident To Create Career Opportunity w. Dr. Max Feinstein

 Today we are joined by Dr. Max Feinstein, an Anesthesiology Resident at The Mount Sinai Hospital who has gained a significant following through YouTube videos. Max shares his journey with us, including how he discovered anesthesiology and the steps he took to pursue... read more