Financial Planning

Episode 236: Six Easy Wins For Transitioning To Attendinghood

 Transitioning from training to attendinghood can be both exciting and daunting, especially as you approach the culmination of your residency or fellowship. In this episode, we’ll uncover six actionable strategies to ease this transition and set yourself up for... read more

Episode 221: One More Reason Why The Savings Rate Is My Favorite Financial Ratio

 As we move into the holidays, it’s a good time to reflect, recap, and take stock of how things are going. When trying to figure out what things are working (or not), what you need to change, and where the opportunities are, it is really helpful to take a closer... read more

Episode 214: Important Student Loan Policy Updates w. Meagan McGuire

Today we dive into the world of student loans with Meagan McGuire, a Certified Student Loan Professional with extensive expertise in student loan policy and planning. Meagan, who has advised on over $380 million of student debt, sheds light on the implications of... read more

Episode 212: A Common Misconception About Spousal Life Insurance

 Today we are talking about a crucial financial aspect: spousal life insurance. As a financial advisor, I’ve encountered tragic stories that highlight the significance of proper life insurance coverage. At the heart of the discussion are two often overlooked... read more

Episode 211: Tax Brief – Asset Sale Vs. Stock Sale In Selling Your Practice Or ASC w. Evgeni Ivanov

 In this final segment of our two-part series with tax expert Evgeni Ivanov, we dive back into the complex realm of business transition. Focusing on the distinction between a stock sale and an asset sale, this episode unravels the critical factors that should be... read more