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Episode 214: Important Student Loan Policy Updates w. Meagan McGuire

Today we dive into the world of student loans with Meagan McGuire, a Certified Student Loan Professional with extensive expertise in student loan policy and planning. Meagan, who has advised on over $380 million of student debt, sheds light on the implications of... read more

Episode 212: A Common Misconception About Spousal Life Insurance

 Today we are talking about a crucial financial aspect: spousal life insurance. As a financial advisor, I’ve encountered tragic stories that highlight the significance of proper life insurance coverage. At the heart of the discussion are two often overlooked... read more

Episode 186: Don’t Buy Into An ASC Until You Listen To This Episode w. Tina Rivenbark

 Have you ever considered buying into a surgery center as a physician, but felt overwhelmed by the complex financial considerations involved? In this episode, we dive into this crucial topic with Tina Rivenbark, Principal and Lead Consultant at Advanced Practice... read more