Episode 137: What A Malpractice Proceeding Looks Like, Step By Step w. Dr. Stacia Dearmin

Dr. Dearmin joins the show to discuss the nuts and bolts of how a malpractice proceeding unfolds and what to expect as a physician going through that.

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Episode 136: Creating A System Of Support For Docs Going Through A Malpractice Claim w. Dr. Stacia Dearmin

 If you’re a physician, you can earn CME from this content! Reflect on how this podcast applies to your day-to-day and earn AMA PRA Category 1 CMEs here: Today’s episode requires a content trigger warning, as I will be speaking with our guest... read more

Episode 121: Good Risk Management Is More Than A Medmal Policy w. Jennifer Wiggins

Risk management is not a policy—it’s really a way of life. There is a lot of data out there when it comes to malpractice cases, which allows us to decipher what we truly need to be protected against or aware of as anesthesiologists. To help us understand the... read more

Episode 120: Don’t Get Sued, But If You Do, Have Good Medmal Insurance w. Jennifer Wiggins

Jennifer Wiggins is the CEO of Aegis Malpractice Solutions, where she is an expert in helping physicians understand the risks that come with medical malpractice lawsuits and getting them the right coverage. In this episode, she discusses the current landscape of... read more